Safety First

Please rest assured that we are still putting safety first and all of the changes we implemented last year are still in place, these include:

  • Reduced capacity in the auditorium from 253 to 80 seats. There will be allocated seating and social distancing between family groups for all our screenings.
  • Masks are required whilst in the cinema, but can be removed to enjoy refreshments.
  • We have improved the ventilation in the auditorium, recommissioning a fan that has been hidden in the fabric of the building and using the extractor fan for every showing.
  • A one way system through the cinema. At the end of each film we will open the fire exit doors for you to leave the auditorium.
  • Not a red carpet, but we will have stickers on the floor indicating social distanced queueing for the tills.
  • There are sanitiser stations, so that you can clean your hands on entry and whilst in the cinema.
  • The toilets will be operated on a one-in, one-out basis and will be cleaned every hour during opening.
  • We will also have enhanced cleaning of the auditorium and foyer between screenings, this will include disinfecting the cinema seats.
  • As before, we be required to collect contact details for track and trace.
  • Once tickets are available we will be encouraging you to pre-book.

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